Nude models, celebrities and fitness.

As we move forward, we see more request of our favorite celebs, models and fitness people nude. Most modeling but due to media and selfies being posted to show their lifestyles we see nudity more accepted.


And yes, I am posting more images of people of color due to the fact of the un Ballance if the racial concept of the world. One the world does not show the beauty of color or know the number of color folk that are nudist or models. I will show more male images as I find them that are not sexualized.

We can see that lots of these images are on the net and some Celebes have been featured for quite some time now. Remember this is our normal life style. And we do have the blessings of God so live nude, its less stressful.

Remember a nude body is who you really are without hiding. Relax and be real with the world.

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